Parasols and snowstorms

With London basking in sunshine −and the hot weather here to stay for a few more weeks− I thought I would share with you some photographs and paintings which convey a sense of extreme temperatures. In our recent newsletter, my colleague Julia already explored the way that photographs have the power to imply sound, letting us imagine the whispers and explosions that would have accompanied them. In a similar fashion, the images below can transport us from sweltering heat to sub-zero polar climates in a matter of seconds. For good reason the clichéd saying goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Where would we be in a world without images? We see them everywhere: in glossy magazines, on buses driving past us in the street, plastered on giant advertising billboards across the city. The advertising industry knows all too well that images can appeal to people’s emotions or evoke certain reactions much more quickly than long chunks of text ever could. In an era of instant communication, images are truly king (or queen)!

So let us, for one brief moment, whisk you away to sunny beaches or icy waterfalls, without the need to leave your chair. Whether you love soaking up the rays…

“Sunbathing on the dunes” by Paul Fischer.
© Sotheby’s / akg-images

… or are desperately looking for some respite from the scorching heat, there will be something for everyone in this small selection.

Niagara Falls in the snow, 1903.
© akg-images / Universal Images Group

From parasols to snowstorms, we have it all covered: