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Francisco de Goya (Spanish, 1746–1828). Sad Forebodings of What Is Going to Happen (Tristes Presentimientos de Lo Que Ha de Acontecer), 1810–1815 (printed 1863). From The Disasters of War (Los Desastres de la Guerra). Etching and aquatint. Plate 1.

Goya’s The Disaster’s of War (Los Desastres de la Guerra), 1810-1820   Between 1810 and 1820, the Spanish painter and print maker Fransisco Goya (1746–1828) produced a series of around 80 etchings he was to call … → October 19, 2015

Gogh, Vincent van Dutch painter Groot-Zundert near Breda 30.3.1853 –
(suicide) Auvers-sur-Oise 29.7.1890.
– “Self-portrait with fur hat, bandaged ear and tobacco pipe”, January 1889.
Oil on canvas, 51 × 45cm.
Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Leigh B. Block.

The tragic artist

125 years ago today, in the rented room in the Auberge Ravoux, Vincent van Gogh died of an infection caused by a …

Dürer / Self-portrait / 1500

Albrecht Dürer, Renaissance man

Ask someone to name a great Renaissance artist, and the answers you’ll hear are most likely Italian: Michelangelo, Raphael, Da Vinci, Botticelli. I …

Cover proposals

Experiment: Covers!

“Perfume” by Patrick Süskind Ready Steady… Experiment! At akg-images, a large part of a Picture Researcher’s job is working alongside publishers preparing …

2-M120-A34-1-1 / - Atlantis. -
Watercolour, undated, by Peter Connolly / © akg-images / Peter Connolly

A modern-day Atlantis

Have you ever imagined a romantic relationship between Medusa and Hercules? What if it was a pre-curse Medusa, before her hair was …

2-R41-K20-1618, Guido Reni, 'The Victory of Samson', 1618, © akg-images / MPortfolio / Electa

A Reni day

In the summer of 1998, it was decided that the chapel choir in which I sang would go on a mini-tour of …

"Sunbathing on the dunes" by Paul Fischer.
© Sotheby's / akg-images

Parasols and snowstorms

With London basking in sunshine −and the hot weather here to stay for a few more weeks− I thought I would share …

Delacroix, Die Freiheit führt das Volk - Delacroix / Freedom leads the people -


We are close to the annual celebration of Bastille Day and as I studied the French Revolution in art, I always remember …