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Vˆlkerkunde / Afrika: Elfenbeink¸ste.

Lachendes kleines M‰dchen in DÈoulÈ, Region Man.

Foto, 1993. Aus e. Serie ìCÙte díIvoire:
Les MystËres de la FÍte des Masques.

70 Jahre 70 Bilder

akg-images wird dieses Jahr 70 – ein guter Grund zum Feiern! Der Anfang wird von unserem Team gemacht: die Mitarbeiter präsentieren ihre …

2-M120-A34-1-1 / - Atlantis. -
Watercolour, undated, by Peter Connolly / © akg-images / Peter Connolly

A modern-day Atlantis

Have you ever imagined a romantic relationship between Medusa and Hercules? What if it was a pre-curse Medusa, before her hair was …

7-D1-0000CD49 A young mother in East Berlin, 1972© akg-images /

Growing up in East Berlin

Long-distance relationships are a tricky thing to master. Not having to argue over banal things such as “toothpaste cap on or off?” …

5-B1-J5-1989-36 East German border soldier looks
through a crack in the Wall (after the
opening of the border, 9/10 November
1989 © akg-images / Günther Schaefer

Learning (to be) German

I was thirteen years old when the Berlin Wall came down. The reunification of East and West Germany happened while I was …