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Angelika Pirkl, akg-images London

Klee, Paul.
Swiss-German painter, 1879–1940.

“Has Head, Hand, Foot and Heart” (“hat Kopf, Hand, Fuss und Herz”), 1930,214 (S 4).

Watercolour and pen on cotton, 51.8/40.8 × 29/28.2cm.
Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia Art Collection.

Farewell and new beginnings!

After eight years at akg-images in London, Managing Director Angelika Pirkl shall be leaving the company on the 15th March 2017 to pursue …

Almasy, Paul; franz. Fotograf ungar.
Herkunft; Budapest 29.5.1906 – Jouars Pontchartrain 23.9.2003.
Paul Almasys Hände am Archivkasten.
Foto, 1995.

Happy 70th Birthday, akg-images!

Last autumn akg-images celebrated its 70th anniversary! To mark this milestone, we have delved behind the scenes at akg-images to explore the …

Cover proposals

Experiment: Covers!

“Perfume” by Patrick Süskind Ready Steady… Experiment! At akg-images, a large part of a Picture Researcher’s job is working alongside publishers preparing …

Gentleman with Whiskers / Photo / 1870

Saying cheese since 1838

When, in 1838, Louis Daguerre produced a daguerreotype of the Boulevard de Temple in Paris, the long exposure time of over ten …

"Sunbathing on the dunes" by Paul Fischer.
© Sotheby's / akg-images

Parasols and snowstorms

With London basking in sunshine −and the hot weather here to stay for a few more weeks− I thought I would share …

The Organ Grinder

I was looking through a drawer of prints by Paul Almasy (Hungarian photographer, 1906–2003) last month when a familiar face appeared before me. Where had …