Farewell and new beginnings!

Angelika PirklAfter eight years at akg-images in London, Managing Director Angelika Pirkl shall be leaving the company on the 15th March 2017 to pursue a career in freelance picture research. In this blog post she shares with us a heartfelt farewell –illustrated with some hand-picked gems from the archive– and extends a warm welcome to her successor! Keep your eyes firmly peeled on our blog to find out who shall be taking over the helm, with an official announcement to follow shortly.

The past few months seem to have ushered in many transitions, both on the world stage and much closer to home – some of these changes have seemed daunting, whilst others have brought promising new opportunities with them! The decision to leave akg-images has certainly not been an easy one, but I am excited to be setting up my own freelance picture research business, and equally excited to have found an excellent successor to follow in my footsteps here at akg-images.


Winds of Change
Children flying kites, woodcut by Yoshitora Utagawa, c.1865
© akg-images


The Excitement of Kite Flying
A young girl flying her kite in Gujarat, India
© akg-images / Roland and Sabrina Michaud


Throughout my eight years at akg-images I have come to cherish this remarkable and eclectic image collection. Seldom has a day gone by without me stumbling across an unseen gem in the archive, perhaps recently scanned from our analogue archive at our Berlin head office, or else newly submitted by one of our many talented photographers, artists or partner agencies around the globe.

I would like to take this moment to thank my incredible team at our London office, whose support over the years has been truly invaluable! I would equally like to extend a big thank you to my colleagues at our Berlin and Paris offices (Dankeschön and merci!), as well as the wonderful array of clients and contributors that I have had the great pleasure of working with. It has been an honour coming on this journey with you!


A Heartfelt Thank You and Farewell!
“Has Head, Hand, Foot and Heart”, painting by Paul Klee, 1930
© akg-images


I shall be leaving akg-images in the middle of March 2017 with many joyous memories and with the knowledge that the company shall be placed into the safe hands of my successor, already a familiar and well-liked face in the industry! I look forward to seeing what new heights akg-images can reach under their leadership. Keep your eyes peeled on our blog for an official announcement to follow shortly.


In Safe Hands
Hand holding a pomegranate, Roman relief,
© akg-images / MPortfolio / Electa


Farewell, and à bientôt!
Three French women bidding farewell in London, 1955
© akg-images

Farewell, and à bientôt!

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