First Impressions from a Familiar Face

Angelika Pirkl

Angelika Pirkl joined akg-images as a Picture Researcher in 2008. On 21st August 2015 she took over from David Price-Hughes as Managing Director of our London office.

In this blog post she shares with us her first impressions of the new role, illustrated with a hand-picked image selection from our archive!


It is with great excitement that I am writing my very first blog entry as Managing Director of our London office. Little would I have known seven years ago, stepping through the gates of 5 Melbray Mews for my initial job interview with David and Ute, that I would one day be walking in their footsteps.

Footprints and lines in the sand, Lisbon, Portugal.
Photo, 1994.
© Justin Creedy Smith / akg-images

Along with the excitement of my new role also comes the sadness of seeing David leave akg-images to embark on a new adventure. Having worked alongside him since 2008, I know that his dedication to the company, his determination in the face of challenges, and his strong sense of fairness as a Managing Director have always been much appreciated in the office, which is why I intend to carry these traits forward. I count myself incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated team (meet the team here!) to support me, and I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.

Being entrusted with the role of Managing Director at akg-images feels a little like being given the key to a large treasure trove of images. My goal is to give these images an audience, to bring them the recognition and exposure they deserve, whilst keeping them safe from exploitation. The akg-images archive is such a rich and varied array of image collections that rarely a day goes by without our Picture Researchers stumbling across another unseen gem, perhaps recently scanned from our analogue archive at our Berlin head office, or else submitted to us by one of our many talented photographers or partner agencies around the globe. As a picture library, our job is to give these images a new lease of life. By working closely with our clients in publishing, television, merchandising and advertising we hope to achieve just that!

“The Surrender of Breda”.
Detail: a general holding a key.
Painting, 1633-1635, by Diego Velázquez.
© akg-images / Mondadori Portfolio / Remo Bardazzi
“Scarabattolo” (Cabinet of curiosities with objects from the Medici collections).
Painting, 1675, by Domenico Remps.
© akg-images / Rabatti – Domingie

As Managing Director I hope to keep the traditions of akg-images alive, the foundations of high image quality and excellent customer service on which the company was founded, yet also to embrace the opportunities that modern technology and advancements in the picture industry can bring us. akg-images will mark its 70th anniversary this autumn, and I look forward to celebrating this joyous occasion with clients and colleagues alike!

Abraham Wishovsky celebrates his 122nd birthday in the Bronx, New York.
Photo, c. 1930.
© akg-images / Imagno
Pupils at the gymnastics school “Dietrich” during exercises.
Photograph, c. 1930.
© akg-images / Imagno

Click here to read David’s farewell blog post, in which he looks back at thirteen years of business trips and reminisces about his travelling companions!

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