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July 2013

"Sunbathing on the dunes" by Paul Fischer.
© Sotheby's / akg-images

Parasols and snowstorms

With London basking in sunshine −and the hot weather here to stay for a few more weeks− I thought I would share …

Delacroix, Die Freiheit führt das Volk - Delacroix / Freedom leads the people -


We are close to the annual celebration of Bastille Day and as I studied the French Revolution in art, I always remember …


The Wild East

Living in Berlin one cannot escape history. The history of Germany in the 20th century is everywhere in the city and even …

Restorer Arunas Neksha takes pictures of old icon. © akg-images / RIA Novosti

Behind the scenes

Earlier this week, I was invited to a private view of this year’s summer exhibition at the National Gallery in London, Vermeer …

The Organ Grinder

I was looking through a drawer of prints by Paul Almasy (Hungarian photographer, 1906–2003) last month when a familiar face appeared before me. Where had …